The Norwegian film Havnaa

07.11.2023 - The Norwegian film Havnaa inspired by the true story of boxing brothers Erling and Magne Havnaa, has wrapped filming in Bratislava on 3rd October. 26 out of 30 shooting days were filmed in Slovakia. Locations where filming took place include TJ Sokol Bratislava, the Slovak Radio building, Devin Hotel in Bratislava, Pieštany, Trnava, and many others. The €4.1m character-driven family drama is a co-production between Norwegian Maipo Fi… More

The Performance

26.05.2022 - #filminslovakiagoodidea CANNES, France – The production team behind pre-war World War II drama The Performance, led by producer Daniel Finkelman of Sparks Next (Menashe, The Vigil) and starring Jeremy Piven (Entourage, Smokin’ Aces) and Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting), shares the feature’s first look this week on the Cannes market. Adapted by the film’s director Shira Piven (Welcome to Me) and co-writer Josh Salzberg from a short story by… More

Magic sky over Bratislava

19.05.2022 - Find out why Bratislava is nicknamed as the Beauty on the Danube or Little Big City. Fantastic panoramic theatre - 8 times different by Tomáš Hulík. #filminslovakiagoodidea                 More

Locations that tell stories

09.05.2022 - Spectacular, peculiar, mysterious places? Are you looking for unique locations with an authentic atmosphere that tell stories themselves? Check out the new additions in our location database. Find the right location for your film! Sobrance Spa This abandoned spa resort is located in east Slovakia near the city of Sobrance. As can be seen from various historical sources, the history of Sobrance Medical Spa is rich. The oldest evidence… More


27.04.2022 - #filminslovakiagoodidea Can you describe what are the main goals of the Slovak Film Commission and how it supports Slovak audiovisual industry? In 2018, the Slovak Film Commission (SFC) was established as a special organizational unit of the Audiovisual Fund. From June 1, 2018, I became its manager, based on the recommendation of a selection committee made up of representatives of the fund, the Slovak Film Institute and production associ… More

Film Still Photography must stand out from the crowd and grab the viewer´s attention

21.04.2022 - Robert Viglasky is a successful film and portrait photographer originally from Veľká Lehota in Slovakia. At a young age, he left for Great Britain without knowledge of the language and a precise plan. Over the years, however, he has managed to develop into one of the most successful film photographers in the industry. He works on the most ambitious projects of large film studios and photographs the biggest stars of today. He is a member of the… More


20.04.2022 - #noplanetnofilm When I officially immersed myself in “Green Filming”, the first thing it reminded me of was the “Zero Waste” trend that in its time rumbled all over the world and even into our little Slovakia. It truly spoke to people who started changing their daily behaviours, but it also got a number of companies, under a disguise of environmentalism, to produce goods pretending to be green but which we don’t really need. The official na… More