The Norwegian film Havnaa

The Norwegian film Havnaa inspired by the true story of boxing brothers Erling and Magne Havnaa, has wrapped filming in Bratislava on 3rd October.

26 out of 30 shooting days were filmed in Slovakia. Locations where filming took place include TJ Sokol Bratislava, the Slovak Radio building, Devin Hotel in Bratislava, Pieštany, Trnava, and many others.


The €4.1m character-driven family drama is a co-production between Norwegian Maipo Film, the Czech Republic's Film Kolektiv and Slovakia's PubRes.

Service production in Slovakia was helmed by Film Kolektiv.

About film:

Director Bård Breien has teamed up with writer Ravn Lanesskog and Eske Troelstrup, co-writer of his last feature Detective Downs, to bring to the screens the notorious story of the Havnaa brothers from Arendal, Norway.

The siblings made headlines in Norway both for their boxing achievements and a criminal case.

The younger of the two - Magne Havnaa - was a professional boxer who became world champion in cruiserweight, before passing away aged 40 in 2004.

His elder brother Erling Havnaa won numerous kickboxing European and world medals, until he participated in the notorious NOKAS armed robbery in 2004 for which he was charged and sentenced to 16 years in prison.

The film follows Magne Havnaa, as he struggles to reach his unlikely goal to become the first Norwegian world champion in professional boxing. His elder brother Erling puts his own ambitions aside to stand by Magne's dream. But fate has it that Erling also ends up in the history books as participant in the biggest robbery in Norwegian history.


Photo: Peter Žákovič

Date: 07.11.2023