Filming in Slovakia
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Shooting permissions

Shooting permissions

For filming in Slovakia, official shooting permits are required. Locations in Slovakia might belong to the State, a local authority, a denominational group, a religious order or a private individual.

The permits for shooting in the cities are issued by different municipal departments.  In the case of shooting in public traffic areas with the need of stopping restrictions or roadblocks, it is necessary to contact the respective municipal department.

If land or a building or other structure is to be used as a shooting location or support facility, it is necessary to obtain a shooting permit from the owner or the authority responsible for managing the site in question.

To film in the territory of the National Park, apply directly to the relevant national park company (there are nine of them): Národný park Malá Fatra (NPMF), Národný park Muránska planina (NPMP), Národný park Nízke Tatry (NAPANT), Národný park Poloniny (NPP), Národný park Slovenský kras (NPSK), Národný park Slovenský raj (NPSR), Národný park Veľká Fatra (NPVF), Pieninský národný park (PIENAP), Tatranský národný park (TANAP).

The Slovak Film Commission can provide assistance with location scouting. It is recommended that the application for shooting permits is submitted to the respective authority 30 workdays before the intended production start date. The Slovak Film Commission does not issue filming permits. However, it does provide information relating to the various issuing authorities.