Cash rebate
Filming in Slovakia
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33% cash rebate of certified private expenses spent for film or TV production in the Slovak Republic
Filming in Slovakia
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Slovakia offers culturally rich and diverse locations, including medieval towns with over 200 castles, a wide range of European streets, modern architecture, industrial and urban settings, luxurious mansions, unique wildlife and picturesque nature
Filming in Slovakia
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Slovakia is in the heart of Europe – easily accessible. Vienna Schwechat Airport (VIE) is only a 45-minute drive from the Capital
Filming in Slovakia
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In Slovakia nothing is too far away, making location affordable and easy in terms of time and money spent
Filming in Slovakia
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No need for converting currencies as it is in some neighboring countries like Czech Republic, Hungary or Poland
Filming in Slovakia
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Agreements between Slovakia and multiple other countries are in place to avoid double taxation
Filming in Slovakia
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Slovakia is a production-friendly country, nurturing generations of filmmakers, including directors, art directors, DOPs, animators, composers and editors
Filming in Slovakia
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We support environmentally friendly filming by taking part in the Green Screen Project

Information regarding entering the premises of Audiovisual Fund and Slovak Film Commission

22.11.2021 - Following the decisions of state authorities regulated by Decree No. 259 ÚVZ SR, which imposes measures in the event of a threat to public health to restrict operations (hereinafter referred to as the “Decree”), entry of persons into the premises of the Audiovisual Fund and the Slovak Film Commission is regulated with the effect from 22 November 2021 as following: In accordance with the adopted measures, only a person may enter the seat of … More

Green Screen Conference - The Future is Green

20.10.2021 - On October 28th from 3-6 pm! The conference The Future is Green will examine and celebrate the developments made in sustainable best practices from the eight contributing partners of the Green Screen Interreg project over the last five years. Slovakia will be represented by Radka Babincová from Bright Sight Pictures and Zuzana Bieliková from SFC at the Sustainability in practice panel. Join us for an afternoon exchanging learning & sustai… More

Meet the SFC in Cannes

06.07.2021 - Dear friends and colleagues, Meet us in person during the Cannes Film Festival and learn about the country’s locations highlights, information about the film infrastructure and examples of major projects that have shot in the country. Slovakia offers a wide variety of beautiful filming locations and 33% cash rebate! More


18.05.2021 - The call was created together with the Slovak Institute for Circular Economy and is intended for all film professionals and audiovisual employees who care about the future of the only film location - our planet. NO PLANET. NO FILM. https://www.filmcommission.sk/vyzva/ (english version coming soon) Let's take responsibility for our actions - let's be part of the solution, not the problem! If you wish to join the call, please send yo… More

Slovak Film Commission at EFM Berlinale 2021 online!

26.02.2021 - The Slovak Film Institute and Slovak Film Commission have joined forces again and under the umbrella of Slovak Film will promote Slovak cinema, its audiovisual industry and filming in Slovakia at the European Film Market (Online 01-05 March). Find us at EFM: Join us for our panel “Filming In Slovakia” - Mar 2, 2021 10:00 AM (CET) - and find out about Slovakia’s 33% Cash Rebate! We will also be part of the EUFCN event “Mix and Mingle… More

How to travel to Slovakia during COVID-19

09.02.2021 - Given the changing epidemic situation currently impacted by the occurrence of new Covid variants, the Slovak government agreed on changing some parameters of the COVID automat alert system, which was launched on February 8. Self-isolation will be prolonged from 10 to 14 days, both for incomers from abroad (if the country is not on the safe list) and those who become infected in Slovakia. People who return from abroad will be required to … More

Cash rebate adjustments to further boost filmmaking in Slovakia

15.01.2021 - The conditions for the provision of financial resources under the cash rebate system in Slovakia were further adjusted, effecting from January 1st, 2021. The legislative framework for this change is redefined by a decree of the Ministry of Culture. Its current changes were prepared by the Ministry after a detailed professional discussion with representatives of professional associations in the film industry. Based on the legislative process, t… More

EUFCN Location Award 2020 : Slovakia among the 5 finalists

09.11.2020 - The 5 finalists competing for the EUFCN Location Award 2020 have been revealed. The general public has now the chance to vote for their favourite European film location The European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN) launched the fourth edition of the EUFCN Location Award by announcing the names of the 5 locations that will compete for best European film location of the year. The finalists are: Banská Štiavnica for Dracula… More

Filming in Slovakia carries on

19.10.2020 - SFC visited the set of Juraj Lehotsky´s new film "APPLAUS"  and asked the lead actor Bartosz Bielenia about his experience working in Slovakia. What is your experience with the film crew in Slovakia? It is like a family here on the set. It is a small crew, but doing a great job. We are an international team and it is interesting because the guy who plays my brother is Czech (Vojtěch Zdražil), crew is Slovak and I am Polish and sometimes wh… More

Artists have been given an exception from wearing masks

12.05.2020 - New regulations of the Public Health Authority regarding wearing face-masks for performing artists: Artists have been given an exception from wearing masks. They do not have to wear them while recording an audiovisual piece or when producing a programme, and when performing. It is necessary to observe certain measures, though. This includes: having a negative PCR test for the coronavirus that is no older than four days, and if the pe… More

update on the current situation in Slovakia

24.04.2020 - We all look forward to going back to our daily lives, work routines and filming. Regarding this, Slovak Film Commission would like to share some information about the current coronavirus measures and its effect on the audiovisual industry in Slovakia. The COVID-19 was first diagnosed in Slovakia on March 6 - one week after the parliamentary elections. The newly elected government has had to come up with its programme statement along with de… More

Meet the Slovak Film Commission at European Film Market 2020 in Berlin

13.02.2020 - Meet Zuzana Bielikova, the film commissioner and Eva Pospisilova, the manager at EFM market during 70th Berlinale International Film Festival. We will be attending between 20.-26.2.2019 under the  Central European Cinema Stand no. 111, located in Gropius Bau. Slovakia’s film and TV cash rebate for international productions increased to 33% from January 1, 2020. Learn about the country’s locations highlights, information about the film infrast… More

Slovakia raises cash rebate to 33%

09.10.2019 - Slovakia’s film and TV cash rebate will rise from 20% to 33% from January 1, 2020, under amendments to the country’s audiovisual law. By approving the increase of film incentives to 33%, Slovakia will enter the club of EU countries most appealing for shooting, which include Romania (35-45%), Hungary, Poland, Estonia and the Netherlands (30%). To qualify for the incentive, international productions need to spend at least €300,000 ($330,000) f… More

Slovak films at the Venice International Film Festival

13.08.2019 - The 76th edition of Venice International Film Festival (August 28th to September 7th, 2019) will after many years feature two Slovak films. The main competition will present a co-production film by the director and producer Václav Marhoul The Painted Bird and the Orizzonti competition section will feature a short animated film by the directors David Štumpf and Michaela Mihályiová SH_T HAPPENS. The film adaptation of the  world-famous novel … More

The Slovak Film Commission at Marché du Film in Cannes

14.05.2019 - The film commissioner Zuzana Bieliková and manager Eva Pospíšilová will be attending Marché du Film market during 72nd Festival de Cannes between 15.-22.5..2019. Stop by Czech & Slovak Pavilion no.130, Village International (Riviera side) or contact us at office@filmcommission.sk to find out more about Slovak locations, film crews, cash rebate or minority co-productions. More

The Slovak Film Commission at EFM market in Berlin

08.02.2019 - The film commissioner Zuzana Bieliková and manager Eva Pospíšilová will be attending EFM market during 69th Berlinale International Film Festival between 8.-14.2.2019. Meet us in Gropius Bau, Cemtral European Cinema Stand, no. 111 for detailed information about Slovak locations, film crews, cash rebate or minority co-productions. More