Green Screen Interreg Europe

Green Screen Interreg Europe

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Name of the project:
Green Screen

Operational programme: INTERREG EUROPE

Specific target: Greening the creative industries: improving policy practices for the European Audiovisual Industry

Lead Partner: Film London

Project partners:

Project summary

Green Screen is an Interreg Europe funded partnership project working across eight EU regions to improve policies and achieve measurable success in reducing the carbon footprint of the film and TV industries. These industries are a successful driver for growth across Europe, and an important contributor to the creative industries within the European economy. From 2010 to 2014, 7,769 feature films were produced in the EU and five of the world’s top 10 markets for producing films are based in Europe (these being the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy). Green Screen aims to align the practices of these successful industries, standardise environmental practices and improve regional policies so that sustainable measures for producing films, TV and audiovisual content can be adopted across Europe. Through Green Screen, participating regions will improve policies to motivate and equip the current and future workforce to adopt sustainable practices and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

Project budget

Total budget: 1 954 970 EUR

SFC (AVF) budget

Total budget: 99 400 EUR
ERDF (85%): 84 490 EUR
Co-financing (15%): 14 910 EUR

Green Screen is a five-year project, 2017-2021. The Slovak Film Commission became partner of the project on July 1st 2018.

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News - events

2nd Stakeholder meeting, Bratislava

Date: 29.4.2019

Location: Cinema Lumiere, Bratislava

Target audience: stakeholders

Description: 2nd Regional stakeholders meeting in Bratislava. The event was composed of lectures on the topic of circular economy in filmmaking, Among the lecturers there was Petra Cselvayova from Slovak Institute of Circular Economy (INCIEN) and  Green Screen expert Joanna Gallardo. Simona Mocikova and Radka Babincova described their experience from Malaga conference and their vision to produce eco=friendly film.

Lecturers: Petra Csefalvayova (INCIEN), Joanna Gallardo (Green Screen), Simona Mocikova and Radka Babincova (Bright Side Pictures), Daria Hamajova (Ministery of Culture of Slovak Republic), Matus Pavlovic (Less Waste Run)

Number of attendees: 31


1st Stakeholder Meeting, Bratislava

30.11.2018,hotel Park Inn by Radisson Danube Bratislava

Green Screen–greening of audiovisual industry

Regional stakeholders meeting in Bratislava that we have held during the International Film Festival Bratislava in order to reach wider professional audience.The event was composed of lectures on the topic of sustainable filmmaking. One of the lecturer was MgA. Petronela Kolevska from Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA), that have introduced project of creative vouchers  

Other lecturers:

Tim Wagendorp, sustainable manager (VAF, Belgium)

Mgr. Martina Novotová, Bezobalis and Biely trh

Pavel Ballo, zoologist (TANAP)

Jozef Jopy Hečko (SKYEYE)







We commissioned an analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on film production. This study aims to assess and understand the impact of Covid 19 on Film and AV sectors (AV industry) and its productions, including, the impact on:

Green Screen-Assess and understand the impact of COVID-19


Is COVID crisis a chance for sustainability uptake? More answers can be found here:

Green Screen-Assess and understand the impact of COVID-19