update on the current situation in Slovakia

We all look forward to going back to our daily lives, work routines and filming. Regarding this, Slovak Film Commission would like to share some information about the current coronavirus measures and its effect on the audiovisual industry in Slovakia.

The COVID-19 was first diagnosed in Slovakia on March 6 - one week after the parliamentary elections. The newly elected government has had to come up with its programme statement along with dealing with the coronavirus situation. Strict, nation-wide measures have been taken to avoid the spread of the virus as early as the first few cases of infection were detected in Slovakia. Thanks to this, the epidemiologic situation in Slovakia is still better than in western-European countries and thus Slovakia is considered as one of the safest countries with low risk level during the pandemic.

While the country is in lockdown, our office continues to work and is ready to assist you:

  • Our incentives programme is running without interruption and we encourage the producers to keep on registering upcoming projects as the Slovak Audiovisual Fund continues to accept the applications,
  • Cash rebate is being paid without any delays,
  • Slovak Audiovisual Fund does not foresee lowering the cash rebate in any near future which was also confirmed in the new goverment’s programme statement which emhpasised the need to continue attracting foreign film investors to film in Slovakia,
  • Our location managers are ready to offer online location scouting so you can continue or start your preparations for your films, TV series or commercials!
Don’t wait until the borders will be open again and register for the 33% cash rebate on expenses spent on film or TV production in Slovakia.

There was declared the state of emergency in Slovakia on March 11th and strict mesaures were taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19. However, filming is not banned, so after the government introduced a plan for lifting the lockdown, filmmakers have started filming smaller projects and preparing for the bigger ones under strict hygienic restrictions (wearing protective face masks on set, hand disinfection, social distancing between the crew memebers, disinfection of the set and equipment, etc.).

Date: 24.04.2020