Slovakia raises cash rebate to 33%

Slovakia’s film and TV cash rebate will rise from 20% to 33% from January 1, 2020, under amendments to the country’s audiovisual law.
By approving the increase of film incentives to 33%, Slovakia will enter the club of EU countries most appealing for shooting, which include Romania (35-45%), Hungary, Poland, Estonia and the Netherlands (30%).
To qualify for the incentive, international productions need to spend at least €300,000 ($330,000) for TV features or series as well as feature film slates (up to three), or €150,000 ($165,000) for individual feature films, documentary films and animated films, within a period of three years.
There is no budget limit on eligible costs, which include royalties and fees paid to cast and crew registered to pay taxes in Slovakia; costs paid to an entity with a tax domicile in the Slovak Republic; or costs where tax was deducted and paid in the Slovak Republic.
Date: 09.10.2019