Artists have been given an exception from wearing masks

New regulations of the Public Health Authority regarding wearing face-masks for performing artists:

Artists have been given an exception from wearing masks. They do not have to wear them while recording an audiovisual piece or when producing a programme, and when performing. It is necessary to observe certain measures, though. This includes:

  • having a negative PCR test for the coronavirus that is no older than four days, and if the performance continues, having the same test done once every 14 days;
  • keeping at least 2-metre distance between artists and other people present; the distance does not have to be kept between artists;
  • ensure hand disinfection for artists and other people present during the artistic activity;
  • ensure the regular disinfection of the premises where the artistic activity is performed and, if held indoors, ensure regular ventilation;
  • prevent people with a body temperature higher than 37 degrees Celsius or other coronavirus symptoms from entering the premises.

The costs incurred and covered in connection with the respective regulations of the Public Health Authority will be considered eligible costs within the realisation of projects by Audiovisual Fund.


Date: 12.05.2020