Services that make a difference on set

Every great production is made of great people. And these people need the best tools they can get for their work, as well as a dignified place to rest, take shelter and do their work, whatever it may be. 

We may be small, but the services provided by professionals in our country are grand, as we recognize the needs on film sets, while more and more companies work round the clock to match the level of standard on international sets world-wide.

From location services, to renting of additional equipment for those locations: easy-up tents, portable toilets, make-up mirrors, tables & chairs, heaters, signage, to cars and trucks of every size to cover those transportation and base needs. We have you covered!

Head to our directory to discover companies that will cater to all these needs, with no need to transport them across the world for your production in Slovakia. Get in touch with them to see what they can do for your production.

And speaking of catching up with international demands, we are happy that an “Eco truck” is now available in Slovakia, too. 

Equipped with a high quality solar system that allows it to function without any external electricity, the truck will take care of the needs of clients, agencies, directors and anyone who finds themselves in a need for a comfortable refuge during the shoot, at little to no cost for the environment. 

As members of Green Screen Europe we love to see and support this initiative, and hope to see lots more coming soon! 

Date: 09.08.2022