Information regarding entering the premises of Audiovisual Fund and Slovak Film Commission

Following the decisions of state authorities regulated by Decree No. 259 ÚVZ SR, which imposes measures in the event of a threat to public health to restrict operations (hereinafter referred to as the “Decree”), entry of persons into the premises of the Audiovisual Fund and the Slovak Film Commission is regulated with the effect from 22 November 2021 as following:

In accordance with the adopted measures, only a person may enter the seat of the Audiovisual Fundand Slovak Film Commission from 22 November 2021
a. completely vaccinated (§ 1 paragraph 2 of the Decree),
b. who overcame COVID-19 not more than 180 days ago (§ 1 para. 3 of the Decree) or
c. which is proved by a negative result of the test for COVID-19 disease not older than 72 hours from the collection in the case of RT-PCR resp. LAMP test or 48 hours after collection in case of antigen test.

Compliance with this measure shall be demonstrated by a certificate issued by the competent public health authority. The Director of the Fund shall check the confirmation and its validity for the employees of the Audiovisual Fund. Any employee of the fund present at the workplace is entitled to check the confirmation and its validity towards third parties entering the fund's registered office. If a person who is not a fund employee and enters the fund's offices and does not prove that one of the conditions enabling entry into the fund's registered office is met, the fund employee is obliged to ask such a person to leave the fund's premises without delay.

Dates of personal business meetings with the relevant administrtators and employees at the fund's and commission's offices  must be arranged by phone in advance. Delivery of official documents is possible in person to the fund's office at the time of the business hours at the fund's registered office, provided that the conditions for entry to the fund's registered office are met. However, due to the above measures, the fund's office recommends delivery via Slovak Post or courier services to the fund's registered office. 
Date: 22.11.2021