Creative Visuals, s.r.o. (Aerials and FPV drones)


We specialize in delivering unique aerial perspective with our FPV drones of various sizes. From the smallest ones that weigh under 250 grams for flying in tight spaces or around talents, through powerful freestyle miniquads capable of flying over 150 kph speeds up to FPV cinelifters that can carry small cinema cameras (BMPCC, Komodo,...) In addition, we fly regular drones (i.e. Inspire 2) therefore we can offer a complete aerial services package for your project.


Radovan Leitman - FPV pilot, Drone Pilot
Dávid Máčaj - Aerial DP


Saratovská 29
934 05 Levice
+421 903 449 622

Land Rover Defender "Climber" - FPV shots
Orange commercial - Aerial shot
Red Bull - FPV and regular drone shots
Pohoda Festival - Live aerial coverage
Music videos and various smaller productions