Filming in Slovakia

The Slovak Film Commission is your first contact for shooting in Slovakia:

Connecting professionals and providing expert guidance, the Slovak Film Commission is here for anyone seeking to create audiovisual content in Slovakia, whether it be a feature, a documentary, animation, TV series or a commercial.

The SFC can assist with:


Cash rebate

A 33% cash rebate on expenses spent on film or TV production in the Slovak Republic.

Minimum expenses required for a cash rebate:

For more info visit:


Slovakia offers culturally rich and diverse locations, including medieval towns with over 200 castles, a wide range of European streets, modern architecture, industrial and urban settings, luxurious mansions, unique wildlife and picturesque nature.

To see wide range of locations in Slovakia have a look at the locations database.

Experienced crews

Slovakia is a production-friendly country, having nurtured generations of highly skilled filmmakers, including directors, art directors, DOPs, animators, composers and editors.

You can find your production partner or film professionals in our directory.

The Slovak Audiovisual Fund

The Slovak Audiovisual Fund, operating since 2010, is the main public funding institution for the Slovak audiovisual culture and industry. The aim of the Fund is to support the entire film value chain - development, production, distribution and promotion of audiovisual works, cinemas, festivals, research, training activities, innovations and technologies. Recipients of financing from the Fund shall be individuals or legal entities registered in the Slovak Republic.

The Fund has the following essential goals: