Featuring a Motocrane ULTRA 12' arm, 25kg payload rating, and powerful motors, MotionHunter inc. delivers new levels of dynamic grip performance.
It is the longest of any universal remote arm. We are capable of working in the extreme conditions, we offer off-road performance in the heat, snow, and rain.The state of the art technology keeps stabilized heads undisturbed during aggressive use on the track.
Our work goes beyond careful design and evaluation of every shot requested by the client. We can secure full production and post-production cycle for the customer. Insurance covers accidents lifes and monetary up to 1.000.000 eur.

Russian arm, Moto crane, Grip, Key Grip, Camera car




Branislav Tomšu, Rastislav Slezák, Štefan Rybár, Matúš Baranec, Peter Púčik, Slavomír Kralovič, Maroš Lukáč


Halova 13
85101 Bratislava
Slovak republic
+421 949 626 877