Airport transfers to location
Transfers from location to airports
Delivery of staff from hotels to locations and back
Quads motorbikes + trailers
Ensuring distribution and export catering
Securing containers for waste catering
Provision of drinking water for catering
Security, Export and collection of portable toilet sets
Securing the craft during shooting / out of cooked food
All transportation of materials, equipment, people
Ensuring medical supervision
Ensuring ambulance with supervision
SBS security for the protection of persons and property, fleet, lock up roads
Road closure solution in cooperation with the Slovak Police
Ensuring the supervision of the Fire Brigade
Ensuring ecological parking in areas with a higher level of protection by ŠOP

Our specialization is the area of Spiš, High and Low Tatras, difficult terrain.


Tomáš Slebodník


Krčméryho 4
052 05 Spišská Nová Ves

+421 903 627 606