Dear clients, colleagues & friends. New Era refers to a new era in which people are making sure they feel good about their jobs and lives. It's an era in which an emphasis on safety and mental wellbeing is a norm, not just an empty slogan. The name also speaks volumes about our vision. We strive to be a dynamic company capable of adapting to current trends, actively engaging in all aspects of "safety" and "support" within the creative industries. Our objective/goal is to provide comprehensive services, facilitate seamless communication, and ensure the consensual implementation of safety protocols internationally. The ever-growing services we offer internationally include Occupational Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Mental Health & Wellbeing Support, Sustainability, Intimacy Coordination, and Medical Advisory. Our intimacy coordinators are committed to fostering a positive, transparent, and safe environment on both set and stage, especially during scenes of nudity, simulated sex, and other intimate moments. This ensures that talent can fully immerse themselves in their roles, confident that their boundaries are being respected. Additionally, ICs are present to support the director in bringing their creative vision to life.


Janka Neustupova - IPA-certified Intimacy Coordinator
Adam Lyčka - IDC Intimacy Coordinator in Training
Sylvia Krajčírová - Intimacy Coordinator in Training


Nad Ohradou 2632/5, Žižkov, 13000 Praha 3
+420 799 112 154; +44 7961 223 557 on whatsApp


Ungrateful beings (Endorfilm) 2024
Bora (Film Kolektiv SK/ Nova) 2024
Franz (Marlene Film Production) 2024
Girl is Monster, Monster is girl (FAMU International) 2024
While we were sleeping (Endorfilm) 2024
A mother’s long sleepless night (FAMU International) 2024
You’ll thank me later (FAMU International) 2024
No Big Deal (Czech National TV) 2023
The Pale Paradise (FAMU International) 2023