NOACHO production s.r.o.


NOACHO production s.r.o. - other than others We are NOACHO production s.r.o., two (the) creators: Veronika Trokšiarová and Zlata Golecová working with animation, film, illustration, graphics, photography, story and film eco-consultancy. Our creative world is colorful, a kind of bizarre, it looks for an intersection between commercial and artistic work and sometimes out of the usual rules.


Zlata Golecová, Veronika Trokšiarová


Račianska 88 B
Bratislava - mestská časť Rača 831 02
Konateľka Veronika Trokšiarová 0904 676 303, Konateľka Zlata Golecová 0971 597 516


Veronik Trokšiarová: Director, Creator, Founder, Eco-consultant
Zlata Golecová: Art Director, animator, Creator, Founder, Eco-consultant