Manor House Kubínyi Vyšný Kubín

Vyšný Kubín is a village in the Žilina Region of northern Slovakia. A residential building in this area was built in 15th century, while the first foundations of this mansion were laid in the first half of the 17th century. During its existence, Kaštieľ Kubínyi has undergone several modifications – both baroque and classicist. 

Stunnig reconstruction of the historical building of mansion, or the Amalia Restaurant, which was built after the complete renovation of the former stables. There is also restored park in English style with carefully manicured lawns and ubiquitous greenery. The location of the mansion guarantees not only excellent accessibility, but also views of the Kubínska Hoľa, archeological site Vyšnokubínske skalky and Veľký Choč.